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The Alpaca is one of the most valued animals in the fiber industry. Having a fleece compared to Cashmere it is only second to the Vicuna in fiber quality. Warmer & lighter in weight than wool, Alpaca is one of the few fibers that humans do not have an allergic tendency towards. Try a pair of Alpaca socks and you will never trust your feet to any other fiber. Request a complete list of our Alpaca products, including socks, scarves, knit hats, ear warmers, sweaters, children’s wear, ponchos, gloves, yarn and raw fleeces for the hand spinners. We welcome your calls and emails.




We have a wide assortment of Alpaca Socks, Gloves, Hats, Alpaca Stuffed Toys and of course our 100% Alpaca Dryer Balls!

Medium Weight Baby Alpaca Hunter Socks.
Our Alpaca Hunter socks are made for year around wear.
80% baby alpaca, 10% nylon and 10% spandex. Available colors White, Brown, Black & Grey. Men’s and Ladies sizes medium and large.

Avg. Diameter 3″
Avg. Weight 1.2 oz.

Our Own 100% Alpaca Dryer Balls. The natural alternative to Dryer Sheets & Chemical Softeners. They last for years! Use three or four at a time for best results.
Gift Packs Available

100% Alpaca Gloves. Assorted colors & sizes in stock, email for current inventory. Dry clean only. Made in Peru.

Standing Alpacas

100% Alpaca Knit Hats
Double Weight